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   Instrument Cooling Fan

    A.C. Instrument Cooling Fans

Instrument Cooling Fan
Instrument Cooling Fan
Application Areas
Business Machines
Ultrasonic Equipments
Spark Erosion M/C
Medical Application
Water Coolers
Visi Coolers
Control Panels    
Instrument Cooling Fans
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Proudly present their quality, Delco Instrument Fan, using latest technique in manufacturing & design technology, to ensure highest reliability & trouble free performance. These modern, low priced, compact, sturdy & handy instrument is being used to cooldown  overheated parts in innumerable Engineering fields.
Specifications :-
Motor : Two pole, shade pole partly enclosed 220 / 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 2800 RPM.
Salient Features :
Blade made out of Aluminium sheet dynamically Balanced. 100 & 150 mm Sweep. Nylon Blade also available.
Fan is mounted on a compact and sturdy Aluminium / Plastic Bracket.
Instrument Cooling Fan
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