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   Light Duty Tangential Blower

   Light Duty, Tangential Blowers / Cross Flow Fans

Light Duty Tangential Blower
Light Duty Tangential Blower

  Application Areas :
Business Machines
Photographic Machines
Wave Soldering Machines
Packing Machines
Light Duty Tangential Blower
Delco offers Blowers using shaded pole Motors -
A new product line particularly well suited to small systems, where concentrated air flow, space and noiselevels are serious consideration. They range in performance from 80 CFM to 150 CFM at zero static
"1 pressure. This new delco centrifugal blower offer all the features of the most sophisticated fan technology. Driven by quality performed light weight shaded pole motor of 2880 RPM.

Equipped with precision ball bearings on request.
Plastic or metallic outer casing
Impeller alluminium or S. S.
Low power consumption.
Long life expectancy.
Air performance can be matched with cooling needs within wide limits.
Light weight with high mechanical stability.

Improved tooling, rigid inspection at all stages assure your original equipment long life operation.

Vast experience enable us to offer you production and delivery usually within 2 weeks.
Tangential/Radial - blowers can be developed as per technical specifications.
Light Duty Tangential Blower

Light Duty, Tangential Blowers / Radial Blowers
Light Duty Tangential Blower
Light Duty Tangential Blower
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